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Number of pages: 272
ISBN: 978-0957135222
Size: 202 x 128 x 24 mm

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ISBN: 978-0957135208

Dragon's Deep

Adventure Begins Here: Gamebook 2

Yet again the kingdom is in danger. A huge red dragon is on the loose, terrorising all who stand in its way. Its impenetrable hide, vicious claws and fiery breath make it a fearsome opponent.

To make matters worse, the only weapon needed to fight the creature, the Dragon Spear, has been stolen by a mysterious group of dokkalfar thieves. Now you must recover the spear from these dark elves, make your way into Dragon's Deep and slay the dragon.

Can you survive the deadly traps and fearsome monsters that guard DRAGON'S DEEP?

Dragon's Deep is a solo adventure gamebook designed to be played use pencil, paper and two dice. It is the second Adventure Begins Here gamebook, following on from The Renegade Wizard. If you have previously completed gamebook 1, then any treasure or magic items that you found carry over in this second adventure. Dragon's Deep introduces 4 more skills and 4 more spells so you can build on the skills that Toby learnt in his first adventure.

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