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Number of pages: 260
ISBN: 978-0957135215
Size: 202 x 128 x 24 mm

Kindle eBook
Published: Jan 2012

The Renegade Wizard

Adventure Begins Here: Gamebook 1

Deep within his subterranean lair, an evil wizard is plotting his revenge on the kingdom. Bounty Hunters, professional assassins and even the knights of the realm have proved powerless against the wizard, leaving only YOU to stand against him.

You will need skill and luck to overcome the ancient evils that lurk within the mysterious Temple of the Morrigan, facing fiendish monsters, avoiding deadly traps and solving cunning puzzles to unlock its hidden secrets. Your travels will take you through forests, caves, mountains, underground dungeons and more.

But can you succeed where all others have met their doom and defeat THE RENEGADE WIZARD?

The Renegade Wizard is a solo adventure gamebook designed to be played use pencil, paper and two dice and is the first part of the Adventure Begins Here gamebook series in which you play the role of the young adventurer, Toby. Build up Toby's wealth and power by finding treasure, collecting magic items and honing Toby's skills. Any items you collect or skills you develop carry through to book 2 in the series, Dragon's Deep.

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