Adventure Begins Here

Single-player roleplaying gamebooks allowing YOU to choose where the story leads

Along the way you will fight monsters, solve puzzles and discover hidden treasures. The game system is simple enough for a beginner to pick up and start playing immediately while sophisticated enough to provide long-term challenge. It uses dice which introduce an element of luck and ensures that no two adventures are quite the same.

Another key feature of the Adventure Begins Here books is its skills system. This allows the player to choose whether they want to focus on magic, combat or stealth, choices that can open up different paths through the adventure.

Every adventurer hopes for a glittering and heroic victory. But no-one ever said being an adventurer was easy and there are numerous ways that the hero's quest can come to a sticky end. In this case the reader will be treated to a gruesome death scene at which point there is no choice but to go back to the beginning and try again.

  • Aimed at children 10+.
  • Black and white illustrations in the paperback version
  • Full colour illustrations in the eBook versions

Free Downloads

Character Sheet Adventure sheet and the encounter record (64 kB)

Rules Quick Reference Game rules quick reference sheet (1.85 MB)

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